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Blank Slate Gourmet Market is a neighborhood marketplace featuring a carefully curated selection of fresh foods, beverages and goods sourced from artisans in the New York area.

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Blank Slate Gourmet Market


A small market with a little bit of everything.

 Our shelves are stocked with handcrafted culinary products, daily essentials and grab-and-go provisions. Our main counter offers healthy and flavorful prepared specialties for takeaway, custom-made avocado toast and fresh BLACK SEED bagels with all the fixings. 

In a hurry? Enjoy freshly made sandwiches, salads and sides from our grab-and-go cooler, including favorites from our café next door.

In the spirit of celebrating local talent, we collaborate with artisans to bring a varied selection of items made around New York. Whether it's hot honey or edible cookie dough, if it's at Blank Slate Gourmet Market, it's made with superior craftsmanship. 

Both casual and inviting, Blank Slate Gourmet Market is noted for its creativity, innovation and dedication to quality.

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